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Safety First . . .

Due to ever-changing restrictions in accordance with State COVID-19 measures, we are not able to offer guaranteed table reservations or other event options a this time. However, you should never have an issue walking in at any time without a  table reservation. Tons of space and fewer people mean you can always get in and always get a table! People can simply check in with the host and be seated at most times. Groups of up to ten (10) people can be seated at one table. Larger parties can be accommodated at two or more tables throughout the venue, often adjacent to each other.

Please note that guests must wear a mask to be permitted entry into all of our venue spaces (indoor and outdoor) and must wear a mask at all times except when seated and actively eating/drinking. We also adhere to all social distancing measures and have implemented a fully compliant system of sanitation as well as an upgraded HVAC filtration system. Our indoor dining area is well-ventilated as we work to create the safest space we can provide.

New Hours of Operation (more or less) :

Please note that all bars and restaurants in NY State must close by 10pm effective 11/13/2020. Final seatings will be 9:30(ish) pm nightly.

Monday and Tuesday – Closed, Wednesday 2pm-10pm, Thursday 2pm-10pm, Friday 2pm-10pm, Saturday 1pm-10pm, Sunday 2pm-9pm

Get in Touch

Send us an email. We will reply as soon as possible.
Please note: this is an inquiry only and not a confirmation of booking.


    Alternatively, you can email us at events@brassmonkeynyc.com

    Please note that dates marked “RESERVATION BLOCK” may be unavailable for additional bookings.


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